Apple Pay – what banks offer?

Apple Pay – what banks offer? Apple Pay is a special form of mobile payments that is available to all users of Apple devices such as: iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, Mac computers. This option is very popular because it is very easy to use and very secure. Thanks to it, you can pay in stores, applications, as well as via the Internet, and store various loyalty cards, coupons, discounts, tickets, etc. in it. that offer Apple Pay. 

What is Apple Pay?

As mentioned earlier, Apple Pay is a special payment system that was created by Apple. When shopping, all you have to do is bring the equipment closer to the terminal and make a payment. The actions that the user must perform are similar to those that must be done when paying with an ordinary card. However, paying with Apple Pay is much easier. In addition, the application collects not only debit and credit cards, but also loyalty cards, tickets, discount coupons and other cards. What’s more, at the time of payment, you do not need to touch the terminal at all.

How to use Apple Pay?

Before using the mobile payment system for the first time, you must add all your cards to the application. These can be cards belonging to different banks, but only those that have an agreement with Apple. You can enter up to 12 cards on most devices. In older models, this number drops to 8. The process of adding cards is not complicated. Cards can be entered simultaneously on several devices, but it must be done separately on each of them. Once your devices are set up, you can proceed to Apple Pay. The system can be used both in stationary retail and service outlets, in various vending machines, as well as in applications and online stores.

Which banks offer Apple Pay?

Currently, the Apple Pay service can be used by people who have cards and accounts in the following banks:

  • Alior Bank,
  • Bank Millennium, Bank Pekao, Bank Pocztowy,
  • BNP Paribas,
  • Citi Handlowy,
  • Credit Agricole,
  • curve,
  • DiPocket,
  • Edenred,
  • Getin Bank,
  • iCard,
  • ING Bank Śląski,
  • mBank,
  • monese,
  • N26,
  • Nest Bank,
  • PKO BP,
  • Santander,
  • Revolut,
  • SGB ​​- Cooperative Banking Group,
  • T – Mobile bank.

The list of banks that offer the Apple Pay service is constantly growing. That’s why it’s worth keeping an eye on the situation. It is also worth mentioning that in Pekao Apple Pay, it is possible to link with PeoPay. After entering it, activate Apple Wallet and select the PeoPay application associated with it. There is no need to have a payment card, and all transactions will be settled within PeoPay.

Apple Pay payment security

Many users wonder if Apple Pay payments are completely safe. It is worth noting that there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of. There is no risk that an unauthorized person could scan the card and pay with it. Security is guaranteed by special software built into the device. Each transaction is confirmed with a code or with Face ID or Touch ID. It is also encrypted with a unique code. This allows you to avoid the risk that occurs when paying with an ordinary card. No one can make unauthorized contactless transactions several times.

If a user does not use Face ID or Touch ID, it may be necessary to enter a PIN. For even greater security, transactions and payments should not be made using public, open Wi-Fi networks.

Is using Apple Pay profitable?

The vast majority of users believe that it is definitely worth using Apple Pay. Such transactions are faster and much more secure than card payments. It is also a much safer solution. You don’t need a wallet, just a mobile device. If someone loses their device, the money is not lost. A stranger will not be able to authorize any transactions with a face scan or fingerprint. Additionally, using Apple Pay you can also get bonuses. There are various promotions where you can get a discount for a given payment or the amount is refunded. It is worth following official portals and information published there. It is worth following new solutions and taking a step forward. Technology is developing so fast that it cannot stand still.

The Apple Pay payment method is a very interesting solution. Users praise this option and recommend it to others. In case of any doubts, it is worth reading the information on the official pages to have a full insight into the situation. It is also worth following changes and new updates in the payment system. As mentioned earlier, technology and progress are moving forward and new solutions may still appear. When deciding on the Apple Pay method, it is worth choosing Touch ID and Face ID security instead of the traditional PIN. This guarantees greater security.

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