Computer games and charity actions

Computer games and charity – the computer games industry is constantly evolving. Not only graphic designers, but also programmers cannot complain about the lack of work. The computer games market brings impressive profits measured in millions of dollars each year, but it can be expected that these amounts are even higher now. All those who believe that the computer games industry is a hermetic world that is not aware of the problems facing humanity today are wrong. Nothing more wrong!

This is evidenced by numerous charitable projects, where various entertainments are organized, during which money is raised to help all those in need, the sick, the poor, the excluded. Organized charity events are one thing, and the impact of profits on actions supporting the poor is an additional plus of using the assets of large corporations, releasing countless feature titles each year. The computer industry also benefits from the fact that it sells modern laptops for players. The profit from this sale also translates into helping those most in need. There is evidence for that.

Laptops for gamers and games for charity

At least once a year, in large cities in Poland and around the world, specific events for players are organized. Volunteers take on the task of going through the games in the longest possible time. You can play for several hours without a break, and the most persistent and ambitious can play even several days in a row! At the moment, it is difficult to determine what the current record is, because the results in these activities change almost from day to day. The longer the player stays in front of the computer monitor, the more impressive are the inflows to the account with money to support the most needy. A person sitting in front of a computer monitor and going through the next phases of the game can only have a break to go to the toilet, and all food and drinks are delivered to him straight to the stand, where the gaming laptops and computers and his personal gaming gear stand. Many players, by indulging in their specific passion, contribute to spreading help, among others:
– the homeless
– cancer patients
– the excluded
– people injured in accidents
– the disabled
– orphans
– children with a complicated family situation

How to take part in charity actions for players?

It is very simple. Just contact the selected website of the company announcing itself as a co-organizer of this type of event. Often, this type of information can also be found on the official websites of all kinds of game producers, so reaching the appropriate administrators of the event should not be a problem. Events organized in many Polish cities, of course the largest ones, i.e. Poznań, Wrocław, Gdańsk or Kraków, attract a lot of people. It often turns out that due to the lack of time, when every minute during such an event is counted, not everyone can try out laptops for players and only a few can take advantage of the opportunity to participate in a charity game. If several thousand people come to the event, only the lucky ones have a chance to get to the tournament. 3 days over the weekend is not enough so that everyone can prove themselves as a record player. On the other hand, you can make numerous, interesting acquaintances, which bode well for the future. This industry has been sticking together for many years!

Gaming laptops donated through charity

Money is not everything yet. The funds collected during the games help to improve the living conditions of many in need, and the lives of innocent people are saved. Charity campaigns are not only about filling counters and expanding account resources. In the games you can win very valuable equipment, which no modern player can do without. In situations where representatives of a given class decide to take part in the competition and win against another class, you can expect such valuable prizes as laptops for next-gen players, as well as tablets and mobile phones. In this way, more than one laboratory in an averagely equipped school can start to enjoy the most modern computer equipment on the market. You can play after school and use computers for study during classes.

State-of-the-art gaming laptops

They impress with the fact that they have a simple structure and increasingly complex functions at the same time. Today’s gaming laptops are definitely different from the laptops produced on the market ten or fifteen years ago. They can boast of greater efficiency. The drive is able to work much longer than ever before. The processors are less likely to fail, and the graphics card provides even more intense colors and shapes displayed on the monitor. The quality of the voice allows us to hear clearly everything that happens in the presented plot. Modern gaming laptops are highly multifunctional devices. They can be used not only for entertainment purposes, but also for educational purposes. Every year their price becomes more and more affordable.

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