How much are apartments and real estate by the sea in Poland worth?

Ile warte są mieszkania i nieruchomości nad morzem w Polsce?

How much are apartments and real estate by the sea in Poland worth? The turbulent times of the pandemic are constantly changing the landscape of the Polish housing and real estate market. However, rising prices did not deter customers, and sales continued to increase. Especially at the Polish seaside, where people often live. According to the Central Statistical Office, in 2020, as many as 20,000 were put into service. new buildings. What contributed to the high popularity of flats and real estate in Poland?

Where did the popularity of beachfront apartments come from?

Pomorskie and Zachodniopomorskie Voivodeships are among the best places to live in Poland. People are attracted not only by the sea, but also by clean air, high-quality infrastructure and rich cultural life. Here you will find some of the most beautiful cities in Poland, e.g. Gdańsk, Gdynia, Sopot, Weba, Szczecin and Hel. World events are held here, such as the Open’er Festival, the Gdynia Film Festival and the San Domenico Fair. Landscapes and national parks are also an attraction, not to mention the Słowiński National Park with its numerous dunes.

Many here also seek peace in secluded towns, where prices are much lower than in Sopot. This is a very interesting proposition for those who are tired of city life and are looking for a bit of peace in later years. Some people buy so-called “holiday apartments”, which are a springboard for everyday life in their city. The Baltic Sea is the most popular holiday destination in Poland, which is why some rich people prefer to have something there permanently. Some also have dedicated work units. You can’t forget about investors who want to earn big money on real estate.

How much do flats and other properties cost?

Apartments for sale in Sardinia Apartments by the sea in Poland are sometimes one of the highest in Poland. For example, at the top of the list is Sopot, where a square meter in pristine condition can cost as much as PLN 16,000. However, this did not stop new residents from migrating to the Tri-City. Flats and other properties here are worth even millions of zlotys. If you want to live far from the city center or the beach, you will have to pay 300,000 for an average quality studio. zloty.

You don’t have to move to the best city in Poland right away. For example, many beautiful apartments can be found in the Kołobrzeg district. The price of a high-quality mix in Sianożęty may reach PLN 350,000. zloty. This is a great offer for those who do not care about living in a crowded city, but appreciate the atmosphere of the Polish sea. In the case of Kołobrzeg, the cost increased to PLN 500,000,000. However, given the popularity of the city, the prices are not surprising.

When buying land and houses, the price will be much higher. The price of an apartment in Kołobrzeg has increased even three times. A high-quality house is worth even a million zlotys. No wonder that apartments, at least in the statistical pole of good credit, are gaining in popularity.

Is it profitable to invest in seaside real estate?

Investors have known for years that a flat by the sea in Poland is a free and profitable capital investment. Long-term investment pays off thanks to high rents. It is more profitable than opening a bank deposit. For major crises, monetary losses are also minimal. And oil investors have lost up to 70% of their value – only 8% for housing.

Investors are looking for clients not only in Poland, but also abroad. Often the Germans benefit from this, paying in this case much less than in their home country. However, it should be remembered that the housing stock is shrinking faster and faster. More and more investors are trying to take advantage of the current situation. Most often, they look for apartments in historic suburbs, which they then renovate to attract more affluent clients. This is expected to be the best way to make big money in the future. However, this requires a large personal contribution, which only a few can afford.

Has the pandemic changed the conditions on the real estate market?

Although the pandemic has slightly increased prices, this is not the only factor behind it. The bottom line is that demand is increasing while supply is decreasing. The pandemic seemed to have a big impact on Polish tourism, but at that time Poles decided to invest some money in Poland. This resulted in a high demand for flats in the Tri-City or on the Hull Peninsula.

Experts even speculate that the pandemic will only help the housing market. This is one of the best ways to invest money. In these uncertain times, there is a growing belief that instead of depositing money into an account, it is better to spend it on something of value. Real estate is certainly one of them, because it is one of the more stable financial markets. The blockade also made people dream of getting out of tight cities and finding a new life by the picturesque sea. Many people need specific incentives to make larger purchases, and it’s hard to find a better one during the pandemic.

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