How much does an RFID system cost?

Ile kosztuje system RFID?

How much does an RFID system cost? Surely many people have ever heard of the RFID system. This is quite a characteristic technology that quickly gained many fans. In practice, however, we are not fully aware of the costs we have to take into account. What characterizes the RFID system? What are the advantages of the RFID system? Where is RFID technology used? How much can an RFID system cost? The answers to these questions can be found in the following article, which we cordially invite all interested readers to read.

What characterizes the RFID system?

If we decided to define the RFID system, then we could come to the conclusion that it is a certain identification system based on the use of radio waves – they are the medium for data transmission about a given object. Necessary information is stored on specialized carriers, such as tags or transponders. It turns out that RFID technology can be used similarly to traditional barcodes or 2D codes. The entire system consists of several elements. Among them, the most important are RFID tags, as well as RFID readers with an antenna. Of course, it will not be possible without wiring, thanks to which it is possible to connect the reader and the antenna. The correct operation of the whole is ensured by the software that allows you to obtain the appropriate information, as well as its quick processing. As a curiosity, it is worth mentioning that the system can be a bit more developed, as a consequence it will consist of additional motion sensors or a printer. In practice, it all depends on where the system will be used, as well as individual preferences. It is extremely important that the whole thing is properly configured and adjusted, which will allow you to take correct readings.

RFID system – what benefits can be distinguished?

Since we already know how much benefits the RFID system brings, it is worth considering the benefits that result from the implementation of this solution. There are quite a lot of them, probably because more and more people decide to take advantage of such opportunities. First of all, we are dealing with the phenomenon of accelerating the process of registering goods. A perfect example is the registration of a pallet, on which we can find about 120 elements. An employee who uses a traditional barcode reader is able to do this in about 3-7 minutes. It looks completely different in the case of RFID technology, because we can register goods even in a dozen or so seconds. What’s more – the process can be used regardless of the stage of warehouse logistics. Another huge advantage is the minimization of human-made errors. There is no denying that manual counting of goods can lead to minor and major errors. When using barcode technology, the probability of error is reduced to even 1%. Speaking of the advantages of the RFID system, it is impossible not to mention the reduction of operating costs. Based on the statistics, it was concluded that the level of return on investment is 90% within 1-2 years from the launch of the system, which is certainly noteworthy and at the same time surprising to many.

Where is RFID technology used?

RFID technologies are very widely used in many cases. One example is access points. Each user has his or her own tag and card, giving him or her access to the facility. By simply applying the card to the reader, the lock is released and this event is simultaneously recorded in the system. Another application is in warehouses and in the wider logistics industry. RFID tags are used to mark goods in a warehouse. This can be done at the production stage, as well as when the goods already reach the warehouse. RFID will also work well in parking lots, as well as in stores or points of sale. It is a fantastic solution in the case of stocktaking – the process is significantly accelerated. Thanks to the radio frequency identification capabilities, it is possible to read the tags even from a few meters-we do not need to know their exact location. Where else is the RFID system used? It is a popular solution for identifying clothes located in the laundry. An alternative application is various sports events. Sometimes the number of participants is huge, so it is worthwhile to support advanced technology.

How much can an RFID system cost?

Many people wonder how much an RFID system can cost. Well, a lot in this case depends on the manufacturer, as well as on the quality of the components. We will pay from 20 to 30 thousand for the reader with antennas together with the construction of the gate. zloty. We must additionally add specialized software together with implementation costs, which can cost from 10 to even 50 thousand. zloty. In addition, we must remember about the cost of tags, which range from PLN 0.80 to PLN 2.50. Summarizing the above costs, launching the cheapest RFID system costs about PLN 40,000. zloty.

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