Interior design – is it worth learning in this field?

Interior design – is it worth learning in this field? Interior design is an industry that attracts many people. First of all, it is associated with creative work, and one could even say artistic. So it is especially attractive for people who like to create and have imagination and talent. However, the work of an interior designer is not only about designing what the apartment will look like.

Interior design is just a part of interior design, which consists of more elements. They involve the creation of interior models and appropriate calculations that will allow for the proper arrangement of elements in the apartment. Therefore, an interior designer should also, above all, have efficiency in calculus and technical thinking. So this is a job for someone who is both creative and able to think closely. It’s a rather rare combination, because most people tend to be talented in one of these areas.

What is the work of an interior designer like?

The work of an interior designer is a job that combines office work related to the creation of designs and technical drawings, but also work with people, because interior architects have to see the spaces they deal with and agree with their owners on the next stages of the project. So it is not an easy job and it also requires great communication and negotiation skills. There are clients who are very demanding, with high expectations, which they are not always able to clearly inform. In the work of an interior designer, there are often misunderstandings with a client who imagined the implementation of the project completely differently than we did and holds grudges against us. Therefore, it is good that the future interior designer develops the skills of conversation, asking questions, communication with people, but also that he develops patience. Nowadays, an architect mainly uses a computer and specialized software for his work. It allows you to create very advanced projects and calculations. Interior architects also prepare 3D visualizations. They are mainly used to communicate with the client and show him what the project implementation will look like. This allows for a better agreement with the client’s expectations and also to avoid many disappointments.

What do interior design studies look like?

First of all, we must feel that this is a profession for us. If we feel good in designing apartments and we are creative and creative, it is definitely worth a try. However, to become an interior designer, you need to study for many years. We must learn to design not only the appearance of apartments and rooms, but above all things that are rather not very visually impressive, but still very important. An interior designer deals with the planning of electricity and plumbing so that it corresponds to the layout of the apartment. It must take into account in which rooms water is to be supplied, as well as how many electrical sockets and lamps will be needed. In order to do this, an interior designer must therefore have an understanding of these things and have technical and engineering knowledge at the appropriate level. This is what he learns while studying interior design. During these studies, he also learns how to make a technical drawing. Despite the fact that architects today design almost exclusively on computers, students still practice freehand technical drawing at interior design studies. This helps to develop the right way of thinking and technical sense.

How much can you earn as an interior designer?

Interior design is a field in which you can work, for example, for a company in which our earnings will depend on the function performed and the position we hold. However, interior design is also an industry in which it is relatively easy to start your own business. You don’t need to hire a lot of people to run an interior design office. Of course, self-employment brings much more profits, and also allows for much greater freedom and better career development. So if you have a knack for business, think about this solution and start preparing for it earlier, for example, by taking courses in economics and business or business activity. Interior designer starting salary for an external company are not very large, but by gathering experience and portfolio you can get to the stage where we will be able to earn good money on our profession.

Is it worth working as an interior designer?

The answer to this question depends primarily on our preferences. It is a well-paid job, respected in society and gives the opportunity to meet many interesting people. So if we feel that we would prove ourselves in it, it is definitely worth it. However, if we do not have a technical or visual sense, it can be extremely difficult for us in college, and then in our professional life. So if we belong to such people, it is better to find an industry in which we will use our skills.

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