Photovoltaics – what is it and how does it work? It is obvious at first glance that Polish renewable energy is gaining more and more acceptance. First, it makes sense because the climate has undergone many changes and the level of environmental pollution has often increased. We took responsibility for the lives of future generations.

What is photovoltaics? How does photovoltaics work? Is photovoltaic energy profitable? Why is photovoltaics an amazing solution? The answers to these questions can be found in the following articles, which we invite all interested to read.

What is photovoltaics?

Some consumers who may be interested in photovoltaics do not fully understand what photovoltaics really is. Well, that’s the term that defines a photovoltaic module – it’s a power generation technology that is part of RES (renewable energy). Photovoltaic technology consists in converting the energy of sunlight into electricity, which we use when connecting electronic devices to sockets. The known unit Wp is used to determine the power of a given device. In fact, only the peak wattage determines the maximum performance of our solar modules under test conditions. It is worth noting that in the vast majority of cases, photovoltaic installations are connected to the grid. If there is no such connection, we are talking about a silo system called off-grid.

How does photovoltaics work?

Another point worth mentioning is how photovoltaics actually work. It is worth knowing that photovoltaic modules consist of different cells. Electrons are ejected by photons when sunlight hits the cells. This creates a potential difference that produces DC current. On the other hand, it is converted to alternating current by a device commonly called an inverter. The electricity generated in this way can be used by electrical devices in our apartment. Silicon wafers are used for the production of photovoltaic cells. Contrary to appearances, this is not an innovative technology, because this type of battery has been used in consumer electronics for many years, as exemplified by garden lighting or calculators.

Is photovoltaic energy profitable?

Many people find photovoltaics very profitable. But what can we deduce this from? Well, the installation costs can range from a dozen or even hundreds of thousands of zlotys. So it’s not surprising that we doubt that such a move would be profitable. However, manufacturers ensure the durability of the panels up to 20 years, which is undoubtedly a long time. Remember that the cost of PV depends on the place of installation, roof structure and strength, dimensions, type of inverter, quality, cables and construction of the installation. Equally important is the slope of the roof, as well as additional installation services – some companies offer free installation, so it’s worth keeping an eye on it. Remember to include the costs of post-warranty service, post-installation care and installation insurance.

Why is photovoltaics an amazing solution?

Photovoltaic is one of the more and more popular solutions. Most importantly, these devices help protect the environment. The energy obtained in this way turned out to be emission-free. Solar energy is inexhaustible. We are free from the influence of electricity prices, which change frequently. What does this mean from a practical point of view? In the case of rising electricity prices, we will feel less pain. Photovoltaic is also a guarantee of savings on bills. No licenses or permits are required as long as the unit does not exceed 50 kWp. Admittedly, the cost is clearly higher – not every family can afford such a one-time expense. Fortunately, we can rely on government funding in many cases. We have many interesting programs at our disposal that minimize initial costs.

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