Thermoactive underwear for every season

Thermoactive underwear for every season – sports activity requires appropriate clothing. We cannot imagine running, cycling or rollerblading in high-heeled shoes or in a skirt, walking in the mountains in flip-flops. Etc. Practicing sports and mountaineering requires proper preparation. It’s not just about fitness, provisions and equipment, but also about the right outfit suited to the weather conditions, user size and intensity of effort. With any prolonged physical activity in the open air, thermal comfort is the most important thing. It can be obtained by wearing thermoactive underwear.

Definition of thermoactive underwear

The concept of thermoactive underwear has become popular among athletes and lovers of a healthy lifestyle. This is a special type of underwear made of specially designed synthetic fabrics that have the ability to wick sweat away from the skin. Thermoactive underwear perfectly wicks away sweat thanks to several features. First of all, it is flexible, which means it adheres perfectly to the skin. Secondly, it evaporates moisture faster than it absorbs it, keeping your skin and underwear dry. Thirdly: a thin layer of air heated from the body stays next to the skin, which a person feels as thermal comfort. Thermoactive underwear is divided in terms of what body heat it will provide if it is used without other layers of clothing.

Types of thermoactive underwear

Thermoactive underwear can be adjusted depending on the season in which we want to use it. It is best to have one summer set and one winter set. Year-round underwear is also available. Lightweight thermoactive underwear is ideal for summer, when temperatures oscillate around 20 degrees. Suitable for indoor exercises. It is made of a loose weave and perfectly wicks away moisture. It is recommended to wear it to people planning intensive training in the summer. Its advantage is that it leaves the skin dry. In turn, medium thermoactive underwear is willingly used by people practicing outdoor sports, because it perfectly wicks away moisture and maintains thermal comfort. It is characterized by a denser arrangement of fibers than light underwear and therefore can be used at lower temperatures. Some trainers and sports enthusiasts recommend it as all-year-round underwear. Warm thermoactive underwear is designed for winter tourism, which works well when spending a winter holiday in the mountains. For skiers, waterproof thermal underwear is recommended, which perfectly protects against snow. The fibers of thermoactive clothing are enriched with silver ions, which neutralize bacteria formed on the skin. The cut and size of underwear should be tailored to the figure.

Materials used for the production of thermoactive underwear

Many people consider cotton to be the healthiest material and have considerable concerns about wearing clothes made of synthetic fabrics. However, in the case of thermoactive underwear, cotton does not work because it does not wick away moisture. The following fabrics are most often used for the production of this type of underwear: rhovylon and rhovyl’as, coolma, thermolite, polactec, natural merino wool (merino sheep) and poundout Thermoactive underwear is the clothing layer closest to the body. It is best to combine it with sweatshirts made of polartec insulating knitted fabrics. Such a combination will ensure adequate thermal insulation from the environment. Thermoactive underwear can be worn with jackets made of semi-permeable membranes, such as Gore-Tex, which in turn provide protection from wind and rain. The unique composition of materials usually does not cause allergies or skin irritation. Thermoactive underwear is invisible under clothes. The best quality models of thermoactive underwear also contain polypropylene fibers, which have bacteriostatic properties, which means that bacteria and fungi do not develop on this material. Even after strenuous sports training, baselayers remain dry, although other layers of clothing may be damp.

Not only for athletes

Thermoactive underwear is used by athletes, appreciated by enthusiasts of extreme sports. It is willingly set up by people who are passionate about mountain tourism, water sports, such as canoeing, sailing and horse riding. It is increasingly used by the army, police and fire brigades. Thermoactive underwear is also good for family fun in the snow. After each physical effort, you should wash thermoactive underwear, because dirty underwear absorbs sweat worse and smells unpleasant. It should be washed without softeners, preferably in baby powder or gray soap.

Thermoactive underwear is soft and pleasant to the touch. Perfectly selected, it adheres to the body, thanks to which it protects the body from cooling down and ensures full freedom of movement. Ski enthusiasts cannot imagine going to the slope without thermoactive underwear. We can easily buy such underwear for the youngest enthusiasts of white madness or running.

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