We select an elegant women’s shirt for formal styling

We choose an elegant women’s shirt for formal styling – a shirt is the basis of a formal outfit not only for men. Elegant shirts in versions for the fair sex are still included in the price. It is not as versatile as men’s shirts, but it still works great in many different styles. Is a shirt really a man’s garment? What characterizes an elegant women’s shirt and which set will work best? Let’s check!

A brief history of shirts

Shirts are rather associated with men’s clothing, although actually incorrectly. This garment owes its name to the word “camicia”, which simply meant a tunic with sleeves. An interesting fact is that a similar term functions today in Spanish, where the Polish word “koszula” is translated as “la camisa”. Shirts have been with us for thousands of years and, contrary to stereotypes, they were used not only by men, but also by women.

We choose the material from which the elegant shirt will be made.

The choice of materials is quite wide, but it seems that we are moving in a direction that leaves everything behind except cotton. Therefore, shirts 100% made of this material are in the lead, especially those with a universal cut that will look good in combination with many different accessories. Despite this, there are several different varieties of cotton on the market that can also look good in official situations. The second most popular variant is cotton flannel. We will also find fabrics that are theoretically less suitable for elegant sets, such as jeans.

Another group of materials from which an elegant women’s shirt can be made are the so-called soft materials, which include, of course, silk and a little less known viscose. The latter is distinguished in particular by high durability, and thus practicality.

How to combine an elegant shirt with the rest of the outfit?

Skirts remain a classic option, although although our outfit must be elegant, they do not necessarily have to be subdued and minimalist. Most often we meet an elegant women’s shirt in combination with zippered, uniformly colored knee-length skirts. This formal set is usually complemented by elegant high heels. In combination with a white shirt, a skirt and shoes in one color will look nice. Quite popular options are, of course, colors such as black, gray or more expressive ones such as various varieties of red, blue or sea color. It happens that we can reverse the situation and complement the shirt in a given color with a minimalist bottom of the wardrobe.

Another option that is slightly losing popularity, and a few years ago it was associated with a classic elegant set, are trousers, especially those made of more shiny, conspicuous materials. The basis, however, remains the aforementioned minimalist white shirt, but there are also ladies who find it too boring and prefer more extravagant cuts and colors of this piece of clothing.

However, a white, elegant women’s shirt does not have to be boring. Everything is a matter of details and finishing of the clothes and in this way we can spice up our clothes by choosing a shirt with an unusual collar. There are a lot of them – in addition to classic shirts whose collars have a simple, “male” shape, we often come across those with round collars or even bows. Looking for elegance enriched with interesting solutions, we can also look for shirts with barely visible patterns that will tastefully make the styling much more interesting.

If we are talking about a formal outfit that will look appropriate at official meetings or at work, it is worth paying special attention to the thickness and type of cotton. At work, of course, we want to avoid translucent materials, which is why it is quite important.

Wearing a white shirt, it will be great to contrast it with more or less eye-catching accessories. It’s worth experimenting, because in this way you will surely find something interesting. One of the proposals are, for example, matching shirts and scarves in delicate colors.

The most fashionable elegant shirts for women

One of the strongest stylistic trends in which an elegant women’s shirt can be maintained are floral motifs. There is no room for boredom here, because the number of available designs is almost unlimited. From shirts with motifs imitating painted flowers, to Scottish Paisley patterns gaining their supporters among men. Equally fashionable recently have been shirts inspired by the 1950s, 1970s, pop, as well as cut from materials with dots or the so-called. houndstooth. These are options for women who value experiments and interesting stylizations. One of the last places among the most fashionable clothes is occupied by immortal “lumberjack” shirts with tartan patterns. This is the type of clothing that will be perfect for work, as part of an elegant, yet casual, comfortable casual set.

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