What is a vaporizer? Who should use this device?

What is a vaporizer? Who should use this device? For many years, the beneficial properties of aromatherapy have been known, which relieve not the symptoms, but also the ailments associated with many diseases. The most modern face of aromatherapy is vaporization, thanks to which you can take advantage of the benefits of aromatherapy in a healthier way. What is vaporization? What vaporization equipment to choose? How does a vaporizer work?

What is a Vaporizer?

The vaporizer is a modern device for smoke-free inhalation – without the combustion process. In this modern device, herbs or concentrate are heated to the appropriate temperature at which all active substances are released. During heating, steam is generated that does not contain any toxic substances or gases.

Combustion and vaporization – differences

Vaporization is a process during which a stream of hot air extracts all the active substances from the dried herb or concentrate. The vapor produced during vaporization is free from any tar substances and harmful gases. During the burning of herbs, not only are all active substances destroyed (which makes smoking less effective), but also substances harmful to health are released. Taste values ​​during smoking are also much lower than during vaporization.

Vaporization as a modern aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is not only a fragrance, it also has a healing effect on human health. Essential oils are mainly used in aromatherapy. A vaporizer, which is used for aromatherapy with herbs, has a similar effect to essential oils. There are a lot of different herb blends on the market that can be used for vaporization. However, each drought has a different use and different healing properties.

What are the main advantages of the Vaporizer?

People who have used a vaporizer for the first time often praise this device very much. The biggest advantages of this device are not only its small size, but also the fact that you do not have to heat the herbs manually (during combustion). Thanks to this, the pleasure of using the vaporizer is great.

However, health issues are much more important than the aesthetics of the device. To understand why vaporization is much better than traditional smoking, you need to know how this modern device works. During the traditional combustion of the dried material, smoke is emitted, which contains not only pleasant aromas, but also substances that are hazardous to health, e.g. tar or poisonous gases.

Vaporizers do not burn the herb, it is only heated in this device – in a sense even boiled. Thanks to this process, all the aromas of the dried material are released in the form of steam, which does not contain smoke, and thus no substances harmful to health. Drought in this device is never burned, it is only heated. During this process, the color changes from green to brown.

What is the basic structure of a vaporizer?

Modern combustion devices have a very diverse shape and form. However, each of them has several elements without which a vaporizer cannot exist. The most important elements of the combustion device include:

      • a mouthpiece thanks to it you can inhale a pair of heated herbs;
      • batteries (portable devices only)
      • heating chamber – in this place drought for combustion is placed; depending on the model, you can use dried or concentrate;
      • chamber lid – allows you to tightly close the herb or concentrate;

Many vaporizer models have temperature control, which should be adjusted to individual needs. After filling the device with dried material, start with the lowest temperature, gradually increasing it so as to check at which temperature level the taste of the heated herb is best suited.

When using concentrates, start at the highest temperature right away and reduce it slowly. Yes, to choose the most suitable for you.

Portable or stationary, which vaporizers are better?

Currently, there are stationary vaporizers on the market intended only for home use. These models are quite large in size and must be constantly connected to the power supply. The main advantage of these models is that they are highly effective in steam production and allow you to enjoy the pure and flawless taste of dried or concentrated herbs. These models are most often recommended for medical marijuana inhalations.

Portable vaporizers are small devices that usually fit in the palm of your hand. They are often powered by batteries, although there are models with rechargeable batteries (unfortunately, they are much more expensive). Portable vaporizers have different heating systems, and these are: convection, conduction and hybrid. The heating system has a large impact on the production of steam and the consumption of herbs.

Vaporization as a form of aromatherapy is something completely new. However, it has more and more owl supporters. It is with the help of a vaporizer that you can enjoy the full properties of herbs that have a very positive effect on health and well-being.

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