Where to buy structural timber and how to choose suppliers?

Where to buy structural timber and how to choose suppliers? Structural timber is one of the key elements of the entire frame structure of each single-family house. Its quality should be the best possible, because it guarantees the longevity of the building without the need to make corrections to the base structure. Where can you buy construction timber, and what grade is best for building houses?

Classes of wood for frame constructions – which is the best?

Different grades of wood are used in construction, but all of them must first undergo an appropriate preparation, maintenance and drying process to be suitable for further use in the construction industry. Structural wood is a specific type of material that must meet a number of quality requirements – not only distributors take care of this, but quality testing is carried out already at the sawmill that delivers the wood to customers. The quality standards that must be met are primarily strength, resistance to compression and stretching, moisture content of at least 12%, as well as the absence of visible imperfections, e.g. knots. C24 structural timber is most often used for the construction of single-family houses – it is wood of coniferous origin that meets all the above-mentioned quality assumptions. Wood for the house also comes in other classes, and can also come from deciduous trees, it all depends on the investor’s pocket money as well as the suggestions of the designer and builders working on the construction of the house. Larch, pine, spruce and fir are currently the most popular trees from which timber for frame constructions of houses is obtained, because they have an average low resin content, and are easily subjected to thermal treatment, thanks to which they dry to the appropriate level and can be used for construction.

Sawmill or the Internet – where better to turn?

The frame structure of the house is next to the foundations the most important element of every house, because it is responsible for the stability and durability of the whole house. When we receive a finished house design, there are certainly suggestions for structural timber  and the recommended quality that will keep the whole house safe and trouble-free. We then have two options – either to contact the sawmill directly, which will provide us with wood on our behalf, or alternatively, search on the Internet on advertising portals, as well as contact companies that accept online orders. Both of these options are relatively safe, but most novice investors are not familiar with the quality parameters of structural timber and do not know how to verify this data.The price of the best quality structural timber depends mainly on the supplier and the type of wood from which the materials were made, but in this matter it is not worth looking for savings. Timber for frame houses  is a very important element of the entire structure, because it is responsible for supporting the roof and the roof truss, therefore, improperly selected, it can cause problems in later years, and even lead to the need to replace key elements. For people who are investing in a house from scratch for the first time, a good solution will be to contact a reputable sawmill that will prepare the right wood and deliver it to the construction site. It is also worth mentioning safety issues when it comes to glued structural timber – storing it on the construction site forces us to create the right conditions, i.e. the wood must breathe to avoid decay or blue stain. Therefore, it is necessary to set it on an elevated position relative to the ground to ensure adequate ventilation, the wood will also dry further, which is very beneficial for its subsequent use.

Only high quality services!

Construction timber price listis calculated per cubic meter can be a bit scary, especially since you pay for quality – nevertheless, it is a necessary investment, on which saving may end up problematic for the investor. For the delivery of frame timber, it is worth turning to proven sawmills and brokers who guarantee high quality confirmed by appropriate certificates. It is impossible to tell with the naked eye the quality of wood and whether it meets all the necessary guidelines, so it is worth turning to someone who will give us a guarantee that the money spent is a good investment in the durability of the construction of our house. Certainly, we will easily find sawmills in the immediate vicinity that deal with the delivery and preparation of construction timber for their customers, and which enjoy constant interest and good opinions. This is where it is worth looking for services, instead of saving money and turning to unproven companies whose opinion remains a matter of discussion. Savings at this stage of construction are simply not advisable, so it is worth spending more money, or at least be sure that the wood is durable and will support the entire structure of the house.

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