Will workers from the East flee to Germany?

Will workers from the East flee to Germany? What will happen if one day all employees from the East decide that there is no future in Poland and they have to go to Germany? While this sounds like a nightmare to many employers, the facts are that it is quite a plausible scenario. And it’s one that we don’t have much influence on, although we can do everything to avoid it. For some time there have been rumors that Germany wants to open its border so that workers from the East can go there. This is a very gloomy outlook for the Polish economy, because it is run by Ukrainians who do a lot of work necessary for our companies to function properly.

Employees from the East are therefore the foundation. Many institutions would undoubtedly fail if they were not there. Already now, some entrepreneurs say directly: if I run out of hands, I will have to close the business. This is a very gloomy prospect, because Germans have much more to offer than Poles. That is why we must try our best to make the workers from the East want to stay with us. Fortunately, this can be achieved.

First of all, we must remember that workers from the East are guests in our country. Courtesy therefore requires treating guests with courtesy and politeness. If they try to deceive us, they will quickly pass it on to each other that we are an untrustworthy employer. Gone are the days when the boss would take a sick employee from the East to the bench, and then call the police, informing about the presence of a drunk person (in fact, he did not take care of security). Now the Ukrainians are a force that is thoroughly informed about their rights in Poland. They also demand higher and higher salaries, which should be good news for Poles, because it also means increases for employees from our country. The company can earn a little less if only employees from the East – and those from Poland – are more satisfied. This will translate into their effective work and make them cope with their tasks much better. Ultimately, this investment will pay off, because our facility will function much better.

It is worth remembering that Ukrainians come here to earn money. This means that we should not demand that they bear the cost of this or that. An absolute revelation is the solution in which the boss finances employee housing, and maybe even part of the meals. Such employees will not want to go to Germany blindly. They will stay here because it will be more convenient for them.

Another thing that stands in the way of mass flight is culture. Employees from Ukraine  value Poland very much. The language is similar, it can be learned quickly, and even if someone speaks Ukrainian, it can be understood enough to communicate at least to some extent.

Another advantage is, of course, the kitchen. Employees from the East can eat at milk bars. What’s stopping you from getting along with one of them? We can offer to bear some of the expenses for lunches, as long as our employees are full of strength and willingness to work. Polish cuisine is similar to those in the East. No wonder employees are happy to cost her. Besides, many employers hire chefs to cook food for employees. This way they save more money and can bring more to Ukraine. Employees from the East treated in this way will be very grateful to their employers. I’m sure they’ll think twice before leaving.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways. We also need to remember to take care of the well-being of those we hire – and this is true regardless of their ethnicity. This is because Ukrainians in Poland are still not as often treated well as they should be. They can often encounter unpleasantness, especially among those who have been taken aback by historical politics. History is never pretty, workers from the East believe that you can’t lump everyone together, and besides, in war some people killed others, and dissecting it is a bad idea. So if we ever hear harassment to our employees at this address, we should not only intervene, but also show support. We will then have a good reputation and employees from the East will not leave us.

Let us also remember that taking care of our subordinates is not a problem with various offices. Ukrainians are not stupid and will know where to report an employer who, for example, does not comply with health and safety rules. Getting into trouble because we decided to discriminate against a group of employees is definitely not worth it. Let’s be aware that people are well aware of their rights. There is no doubt that they will respond to harassment with anger and try to harm those who do not respect them. Wouldn’t we have done the same in their place? So it remains to be hoped that when Germany opens the border, Ukrainians will not flee our country in droves. Because in the West, workers from the East are also needed.

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